Stewarts-USA, LLC was formed in 2003 as the North and South American distribution and marketing arm with Stewart-Buchanan Gauges, Ltd. Stewarts-USA is positioned to respond quickly to customers' needs.


To recognize and exceed customer expectations. To build a strong ownership culture and to create sustainable employment and the opportunity for each employee to contribute and succeed. 


We take pride in continuously improving our processes, products and services.



98% of all components used in the manufacture of our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in-house.

The Stewart-Buchanan Group of companies has been in existence since 1870 and over the years have established and maintained a worldwide reputation as a leading manufacturer in our particular market in 75+ countries.



Stewarts manufacturing is certified to ISO 9001 standards.   ISO Certificate here.

Products are manufactured to meet the CE marking requirements of P.E.R.1999 (S2001) and P.E.D. 97/23/EC together with our ISO 9001: 2015 approval.



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