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Heavy Duty Gauges


Dry, Liquid Fillable or Pre-Filled. VIBRAGAUGE® Option also available.VIBRAGAUGE® for Dampening of vibration & pulsation without liquid filling.


2½” Model - 20S (20SV) ¼“NPT (SV = VIBRAGAUGE® option)
4” Models - 40S (40SV) ¼“NPT & 41S (41SV) ½”NPT
6” Models - 60S (60SV) ¼”NPT & 61S (61SV) ½”NPT 


  • Case pressure-relief grommet (Topside on liguid-fillable models, Backside on dry models).

  • White-painted aluminium dial, Black-printed figures.

  • Black-anodised aluminium pointer (Micrometer adjustable is standard on 4” & 6” dial sizes).

  • AISI 316 Stainless Socket & Element.

  • AISI 316 Stainless Steel Case & Bayonet Ring (standard).

  • IP CLASS = IP66. Operating temperature range = -4°F to 140°F (-20° to 60°C) without loss of accuracy.

  • Orifice Restrictor Screw (standard Ø0.9mm, Ø0.4mm on request).

Accuracy (*UnDampened, Dry)

0 - 10,000 psi = 0.5% of span on 4” & 6” (1.0% on 2½” & 4" & 6" with Vibragauge).

15K psi = 1% of span on 4” & 6” (1.5% on 2½”).

20K psi & up = 1.5% of span (Also inches on H2O ranges).

Laminated Safety Glass, removable / replaceable - 4mm (0.16” thick)

No Code: Bottom Connection
LB: Lower Back Connection.
CB: Center Back available by special order (Not available on 20S).
FP: Front Flange for Panel Mounting.
C: C-Clamp Fixing for Panel Mounting (Not Available with Safety Case).
R: Rear Flange for Wall Mounting.
S: Solid Front /Blow-out Back (Safety Case)



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