Test, Process, & Differential Gauges

Phenolic Turret
Solid Front Safety Case Process Gauge

4.5" Model, 1/4" NPT



4.5" Models, 1/2" NPT:

51SV or 54SD


Differential Pressure Gauge_edited.png
Differential Pressure Gauge

Brass Wetted, Non-Fillable, SS Case
Test Gauge

4" Models:

44BT 1/4" NPT, 45BT 1/2" NPT

6" Models:

62BT 1/4" NPT, 63BT 1/2" NPT

All Stainless Steel,
Test Gauge

4" Models

44ST 1/4" NPT, 45ST 1/2" NPT

6" Models

62ST 1/4" NPT, 63ST 1/2" NPT



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