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We've got the data on all the products we offer.

View or download.

How to Order By Code

Find out how to build the part that meets every requirement of your application.

Engineering Drawings

Drawings from our engineers on the products we offer.


on Use

View and download guidance  and specifications on use of our products.

Custom Gauge


Custom Dials

We have onsite custom dial capabilities.  Send us your rush requirement on your next opporunity:

  • Company Logos

  • False reading Dials

  • Deboosted Scales

  • Dual-Scales

  • Tri-Scales

  • Non-Standard custom measurement scales

  • Suppressed or Retard Scales

Custom gauge configurations​

  • Thread types (Metric, Imperial, SAE, JIC, Tube Stub, etc.)

  • Contact Gauges (Magnetic, Inductive, Pneumatic)

  • Special Mounting Configurations

  • LED light activation when in use

  • Snubbagauge® (Gauge piston snubber hybrid)

We are always pleased to discuss and advise on the design and construction of special applications.


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