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Pointers - Pressure Gauges

Maximum and Minimum Indicating Pointers - are pushed along by the normal gauge pointer, either by rising or falling pressure giving evidence of extremes of pressure in the system for any given period. The pointer/s are reset with an external knob.

Maximum/Minimum Indicating Pointers - they show both falling and rising pressures and are reset by an external knob.

Red Set Pointers - function as a guide for operators, indicating a desirable pressure level. The red set pointer is adjustable by an external knob.  If unwanted manual adjustment is an issue, Stewarts-USA can have your dial printed with a permanent red line.

Knife Edge Pointer - for accurate and clear reading on a fineline dial (...along with mirror-band dial).

Micro-Adjustable Pointer - allow for precise pointer adjustment when the "zero" is incorrect. Adjustable pointers allow the "zero" to be adjusted to any position along the scale.

(Standard on 40/41 Series and 60/61 Series pressure gauges).

Pointer Options



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